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Terms and Conditions

* Wallpapers can only be uploaded by registered users. Users wishing to upload should sign up before they can upload.

* All wallpapers submitted for upload are subject to moderation/review. It will be uploaded only if found suitable and consistent with the policies mentioned herein.

* Users should avoid uploading copyrighted wallpapers. If they own the copyright to the pictures they upload, then they should clearly mention that. If the user intends to upload wallpapers of others who own copyrights or intellectual property rights, then the user must obtain permission or authorization from the copyright holder and the same should be conveyed to us in proper format.

* We do not guarantee copyright protection of all the wallpapers posted here.

* No indecent wallpapers should be uploaded - pornographic, obscene, poker, gambling, defamatory, legally untenable, infringing on the rights and beliefs of a community, organization or people or a person or anything else that can be deemed disturbing and unsuitable for viewing by a family.

* Wallpaper(s) that infringes on someone's right to privacy should never be uploaded. If we come across such wallpaper(s) then it/those will be removed and the concerned user will be debarred from posting any further wallpapers or images on our website.

* There is no age restriction on the users. People of any age group can upload pictures as long as it's decent and confirms to the above mentioned conditions.

* Since the wallpapers are being uploaded from various sources, there is no guarantee that they are free of viruses, malware, trojans, detrimental links, or any other type of program that can harm your computer/mobile. It is the responsibility of the user uploading or downloading the wallpaper(s) to check for hurtful content and programs. Uploading of wallpapers with any such software/program that may harm a computer, mobile or any other electronic device is strictly forbidden.

* If a user intends to use a wallpaper downloaded form this site for commercial, advertisement or for any profitable purpose, then it's the responsibility of that user to obtain the permission of the copyright holder before downloading the wallpaper.

* If a user wants to remove wallpaper(s) that have been uploaded earlier, he/she may convey that to us and we will remove the same.