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Privacy Policy provides wallpapers for free. You are free to upload and download wallpapers from our website, subject to the regulations mentioned in this privacy policy, our Disclaimer and our Terms and Conditions. Whenever you use this website you are subjecting yourself to the provisions of this privacy policy. The provisions of this privacy policy are as given below.

Binding agreement

By browsing through this website, uploading data to this website or downloading data from this website, you accept to abide by the provisions and regulations of this website. Any dispute that may arise in any manner is subject to this privacy policy. This privacy policy may be periodically modified and updated. It is your responsibility to check regularly for the updates and keep yourself informed about any changes that may come into effect.

Whenever this privacy policy is modified or updated, the relevant date will be posted on the website. You must check the revision date mentioned at the bottom of this page to update yourself about this privacy policy.

How we gather information

We gather 'privately identifiable information' like your 'name' and 'email address' when you sign up as a user or become a member. This information is sent through the cookies in your computer's browser to our server.

How we use information

The information you provide is kept secure and is used to help us identify you uniquely. Besides this, we use the information you provide us, to serve you with whatever you request from us. We use the information to identify your preferences and tastes and to provide more content according to your preferences. We also use your contact information to keep you informed of the developments on our website and to inform you about the latest posts.

The exchange of information over the Internet takes place with the help of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Our servers keep track of IP addresses of computers that log in to our website. These IP addresses are used to authenticate and verify the credentials of the computer and the user logging in. The same information can also be used to troubleshoot problems if and when they happen.

Cookies are also used to maintain connectivity and to allow the exchange of data between your computer and our server. You can choose to allow or prohibit cookies by tweaking your computer's browser. However prohibiting cookies may affect the connection with our website or any download that you may try.

Our website carries advertisements of 3rd party advertisers like Google and Valueclick. Such 3rd party advertisers install their own cookies on your computer's browser. The processes they use and how you use these advertisements is governed by the provisions of the respective privacy policies of these 3rd party advertisers. We are in no way responsible for their privacy policy. You must refer to their privacy policy for any clarification.

Google uses double click DART cookies along with advertisements to add cookies to your browser. These are primarily used for ad-sense advertisements that carry some content. If you click on any of these ad-sense advertisements a cookie is added to your computer's browser to allow you to download the required data. These cookies will also help in transferring some data from your computer to the host's computer. This data is used by the advertisers to ascertain the preferences of its users and to serve them better. We are not responsible for these cookies and the policies governing these ad-sense advertisements. For any clarification regarding this you need to refer to the privacy policy of such advertisers.

We may provide your demographic data along with geographical detail and your preferences on our website to our advertisers. They may use this data to determine which advertisements they should show you.

We may also receive data about you and your preferences from other sources like web logs and 3rd party users. This data would be added to your demographic profile to help us server you better.

Security of the information you provide

The information you provide is kept secure in an encrypted format. We do not share any personally identifiable information with any others.

The 'personally identifiable information' that you provide to us, is kept securely behind firewall and is protected with adequate security measures put in place. Any unauthorized access is restricted. Though our servers are secure, we cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted over the Internet as it is an open platform with multiple users. We do not accept liability in the event of an unintentional disclosure or the loss of information over the Internet during its transmission to and from our servers.


We may disclose the information you provide to us, to a competent legal body or authority under the following circumstances:

* If and when we are bound by law to disclose some information to a legal body or authorized personnel under the directions of a court of law.

* If and when we are served with a binding legal notice which requires that we submit such information.

* If and when we are forced to take such a step to protect our rights, our property and our interests.

* If and when this step may become necessary to protect someone who may be in some form of danger.

The personal information you provide to us is password protected. Therefore we request you to exercise and observe caution when setting passwords for accessing information from our website. You must choose a secure password, keep it safe and must not disclose it to anyone or share it over the Internet.

Your profile and its security

You have the right to create a profile according to your wish, but within the parameters set by this website. Once created, your detail about your profile is kept secure with us. However, if you wish to change your profile in any manner, you need to contact us through an email or through any other means possible and inform us about the type of change you want incorporated. If it's found possible and if it's within our means, then it will be done as soon as possible.

Contact us

If you have any disagreement or dispute regarding this privacy policy or any part of this website, you may contact us at - webmaster [at]wallpapersformobile[dot]com

Date updated

23 / May / 2012